Marijuana and Sex: The Research Results Are Eye-Opening

By Paul Froehlich / August 22, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

Most of us realize that we live in a culture where drugs play a significant role in our lives. Whether we take drugs of any kind – and statistics show many of us do – or we refrain from drug use, they impact our lives every day. Americans are surrounded by drugs along with the […]

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STD Awareness Month: STD’s – Persistent, Sneaky, in the News

By Joyce Lisbin / April 14, 2015 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

April is STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) Awareness month. Yes, this is still a huge concern to you if you are sexually intimate. Yes, young adults are most often affected and those over 55 also need to pay attention. These diseases are persistent and sneaky. Many STDs show no signs or symptoms when you have a […]

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A New CDC Report on Chlamydia Encourages Regular Screening

By Paul Froehlich / October 28, 2014 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

While we try to speak often about the pleasures of sex, it’s also important to emphasize the need for healthy choices and the prevention of STDs. In our app, SmartSex, we provide comprehensive information on the various STDs, their prevention, symptoms and treatment. We do this because STD’s are common and new findings underline the […]

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When it Comes to STDS – Ethics Competes with Embarrassment

By Joyce Lisbin / April 14, 2014 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

April is STD Awareness month.  CDC, Health Departments, various health clinics, and SmartSEX urge you to take care of yourself and your partners regarding prevention and treatment of STDs.   So that means getting tested to find out if you have an STD, use a condom to prevent transmission and tell your partner if you have […]

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