Dating Sites Explode – A Simpatico Partner for Everyone!

By Paul Froehlich / June 20, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

The amazing thing about the human species is its endless innovation to get what it wants. It may require thinking outside of the box, effort and supreme patience, but where there’s a will…well you know the saying. That human gene for innovation is nowhere more evident than in the history of matchmaking – whether it’s […]

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Tantric Sex Techniques Revisited

By Paul Froehlich / January 11, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

Months ago I wrote about Tantric theories of sex. A lot of other stories and sexual news crossed my desk since then. I recently discovered a book that brought me back to Tantra – at least in a contemporary interpretation (that just doesn’t sound right to me). Tantra concerns a series of ancient Hindu books […]

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