Valentine’s Day has quite a history. It’s a holiday originally associated with Roman and Christian myth, was transformed in the Middle Ages and, today, has become a marketing juggernaut around a simple romantic celebration.

Valentine’s Day started as a Roman holiday named Lupercalia, a fertility rite by priests that later was rumored to include Roman women being matched with bachelors for a year of co-habitation. Lupercalia survived the early years of Christianity. During Claudius’ reign, marriage was outlawed for young people to – it was thought – make soldiers more fearsome – and less fearful about their loss to their families. Who was Valentine? He was a Roman priest who secretly married Christians despite the edict against marriage. He was eventually caught and imprisoned for his efforts. By the 5th century, Pope Gelasius outlawed Lupercalia in the 5th century when he declared Valentine’s Day as February 14th. So, an ancient fertility rite and a Christian priest’s secret activities to marry young were mashed together. It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that February 14, and its association with the beginning of bird’s mating seasons, that romance and love were associated with the holiday. The earliest known Valentine was a poem written by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife while imprisoned in the Tower of London. How’s that for a charming start to a holiday celebrating romance?

Now, each year on February 14th, many people celebrate Valentine’s Day with the exchange of cards, chocolate, flowers and gifts with a “valentine.” And let’s not forget that lovely dinner at a fine restaurant and a very special dessert back home between the sheets. But you also can’t live through February without being bombarded with marketing for every product and experience imaginable as a gift for your beloved on this day marking non-materialistic
love. It could be a cheeky ad for Ikea about new beds, or a flower service that helps you write your love an accompanying letter, or, even a new Ford blind date video with a female stunt driver. And that’s the just the beginning.

So, we at SmartSex hope you brave the commercialism jungle and discover a personal and passionate way to celebrate together, to express your passions, expand the intimacy in your relationship, and explore all the pleasures of sexuality that you and your partner can enjoy. Have a ball! And…

• Be creative! Avoid the usual. This is a special day to pleasure your partner. Try a new restaurant, a new look, and a playful moment where you make this day different from all the others. Create the mood. Maybe a teasing text or special note to foreshadow a naughty night of fun.
• Be open! It’s time to ditch the daily routine and concerns and focus on each other. Let time stop. Finding the time to be intimate and share your feelings – and desires – is most important.
• If you like, pamper your Partner! Give him or her something special. The usual chocolate or flowers may be nice, but how about something special – an exotic new piece of lingerie or undergarment or a subtle, soothing massage to get things started.
• Be flexible! Break a rule or two. Nothing is as memorable – or pleasurable – as trying something new that’s fun, sexy and pleasurable. This is the night to relax and enjoy each other with creative foreplay. Explore each other. Try a new position that intrigues you both. Maybe even try that sex toy you considered – or not.
• Be safe. At the SmartSex app we celebrate the pleasures of sex and also encourage healthy sex. The heat of the moment shouldn’t let you forget ways to protect yourself from STD’s and also use contraception. Many types of contraception are available and most men report that condoms are easy while allowing the full pleasures of sex for both partners.

We encourage everyone to use the holiday as a lovely “excuse” to stop the everyday routines, relax and truly smell the roses – as well as give them – and be creative and adventurous. Spend some beautiful time with your partner enjoying each other without any restraints on time or the typical expectations.

Look to the SmartSex App on ways to enjoy the pleasures of sex – and so much more. Free download at iTunes.

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