We love to hear from all our customers and these are just a few testimonials of the SmartSex App!

The SmartSex app is the new go-to resource for anyone who wants to be savvy about sex and relationships today – clear, accurate, and trustworthy information ready to download now.

Judy NorsigianExecutive Director of Our Bodies Ourselves

Yes, SmartSex seems great! It looks really professional and sleek. And I love the way you made it informative but also fun – a way to really talk about safe sex and sex positivity! congrats!!!

Kate RubensteinDirector of Professional Development Programs at Educational Video Center

I love this app! I am recommending it to my daughter for my 12yr old granddaughter. Full of correct info & fun at the same time. Accurate but not too much. Perfect supplement for sex education programs.

Jan Smallwood - Pueblo, COPueblo, CO

With this app I feel much better that I bought my new iPhone.

DJ - New Jersey

What stands out for me is the accurate information the app provides. That’s very important to me.

Columbia University Student - NYC

SmartSex gives me accurate, current information. Facts, not the kind of fluff I usually see.

Katrin Haiba - Mexico

I didn’t think SmartSex was for an older person like me. But I tried it and learned some good things. My husband occasionally looks through it – he’s curious about the app. And, yes, it helps my love life.

C.R. - Wisconsin

The poll is a fun thing – I like to see what others think about controversial subjects I sometimes think about. I was pretty surprised by what others say about sex.

D.Q. - Washington

Thank you, you are doing a very good thing teaching us about health and safe sex.

Daniel ZumakpeFacebook

I didn’t think an app on sex would offer much to someone like me. But, I figured for a buck it might be worth it. So, I’m impressed. It’s got more information and variety than I expected. It’s got some flavor and attitude as well. Not bad.

P.F. - Florida

The games are a hit with me and my friends. We see who’s the smartest on sex.

GK - Miami

It’s about time someone came out with a sex app like this.

BF - Vermont

It is packed with features for you & to share with your friends