We’ve been exploring the world of sexual beliefs in this blog, revealing the sophisticated belief systems of other cultures and other times. A few weeks ago, this blog explored Ancient Egyptian approaches to contraception and impotence. Now, we report on fascinating Egyptians sex techniques that they claimed provided various health benefits that may lead to ‘eternal life’. Today’s adherents of ankhing sex affirm that many of these benefits can occur within a short time of practice. Though enthusiastic, few modern practitioners have focused on the promise of eternal life.

When reviewing the philosophy and methods associated with ankhing sex, the similarities with Hindu, Tibetan Tantra and Taoist methods are unmistakable. All of these approaches acknowledge the sacred aspect of sex and orgasm. These systems believe that the orgasmic energy moves up the spine and out the top of the head. On occasion Hinduism identifies the sexual energy, prana, also escaping through the feet. Either way the energy is not contained but escapes.

Relying on the ancient Egyptian symbol for life, the ankh (pictured above) represents the pattern of sustained flow of sexual energy in the body. When an ankh was attached to a wooden rod used in healing ceremonies, it was noted that the rod vibrated for a longer time than when attached to other symbols. Ankhing asserts that sexual energy can be sustained if it circles into the ankh conduit of the body. The ankh conduit has the energy travel up the human spine and is then redirected (not to escape through the head) by mind control and breath to turn itself around and go down the chakras or human meridian points. Therefore the sexual energy would come back into the spine and continues to resonate and vibrate. The sexual energy is sustained and contained through body/mind exercises and the person’s sexual energy is recharged not depleted.

The particular breathing pattern designed to encourage the control of the flow of sexual energy is called Mer-Ka-Ba. Ancient Egyptians believed that the entire Mer-Ka-Ba or lightbody (the field of energy surrounding the body) benefits from this sexual release.

The Benefits:
1. Health: prevents physical and emotional disease by expelling dysfunctional energy by orgasmic release. (Yes, scientists agree that sex is a huge stress reliever and contributes to our health and well-being.)
2. Orgasm is a pathway to enlightenment and a way to reaches a higher level of consciousness. Sex is associated with the development of the spirit/soul.
3. The orgasmic energy (when contained/recycled) increases your strength and can affect your ‘eternal life’. One might interpret this claim with the importance placed on childbearing for both men and women.

The Method of Egyptian Sexual Orgasm:

There are no specific recommendations telling you how to arouse or be aroused to reach a level of sexual excitement.
1. Once you feel aroused, and sense the sexual energy travel up your spine, take a deep breath almost filling your lungs. Hold your breath.
2. Once the sexual energy travels to your sternum, or fifth chakra (located just a couple of finger-widths above the sternum) you must concentrate to turn the flow of sexual energy 90 degrees out the back of the body. It will then enter the ankh tube. Once making the turn, the energy will flow through the eighth (or thirteenth) chakra, one hand-length above the head at 90 degrees to the vertical. It will then continue to curve around until it returns to the fifth chakra, where it began, only this time in the front of the body. Even if you are not clear on identifying the chakras, do not despair. The most important step is to redirect the energy with the power of your mind.
3. While still holding your breath, the sexual energy is now in the ankh tube and the sexual energy will slow down and return to your chest.
4. instantly the sexual energy reconnects with its source, the fifth chakra. Then take in a full breath and fill your lungs as completely as possible.
5. Exhale slowly. The energy will continue around the ankh channel while you are exhaling.
6. Upon completing the exhale, continue to breathe deeply and slowly return to your normal breathing pattern. Relax and you might even fall asleep.

It was this discovery of the secret tube- in the shape of the ankh- that fostered the Ancient Egyptians’ belief that eternal life was intimately connected to this particular energy-flow and when controlled the human orgasm becomes a source of infinite pranic energy that is not lost.

So, we see important similarities between ancient schools of thought on the link between sex and spirituality.

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