A New Year’s resolution is a promise that you make to yourself. It is usually a commitment to improve your behavior—one of the few things that one can control or at best influence.

Have you managed to still stick with your New Years resolution? It’s been about one week! Congratulations!! If not, don’t abandon your resolution! If you made it, it is worth keeping. Make 2016 the year that you keep the promise that you make to yourself for the entire year.

Most resolutions are not very sexy. They’re usually about stopping some behavior: smoking, eating sugar or drinking less. Or, the resolution is to start doing something that you know is ‘good for you’ and not terribly attractive for one reason or another. This category usually includes exercising regularly, eating more fruits and vegetables, and getting more sleep. SmartSex recommends mixing your important resolutions with some simple resolutions that will improve your relationships and benefit your sex life.

We are all resistant to change! The longer we have had a habit, the harder it is to change. It is important to convince yourself that the change is really beneficial and worth the effort. Behavior change requires commitment. So let’s make resolutions that we want to keep and honor through the year.

A few of these helpful hints could help you keep your resolution.

Helpful hints to keep your resolution:
1. Do not program yourself to fail. Design a reasonable –achievable resolution. Do not be overly ambitious. Start off small. As you get into the new pattern, you can increase your goal. And if it is too ambitious in the beginning, tone it down. Some change is better than none
2. Life gets in the way! If you didn’t get to actually work on your change because of something (whatever!) that happened. Don’t give up. Look at what caused you to break your promise to yourself. If you have any control to fix it so it doesn’t happen tomorrow– great do it! If you have no control adjust! Change your timing or even change your goal.
3. Connect your goal to something important with real consequences: the more immediate, the better. For instance- feeling better is more immediate than looking better.

Now that you are more comfortable and committed to change, review this list of sexy resolutions that you will want to keep and can easily adopt.

This is a list of hedonistic resolutions that could make you feel good, are beneficial to your well-being and hurt no one. Some of these will come naturally; others might require a little bit of work and mindfulness.
1. Smile more often.
2. Be more adventurous sexually: try a new position or a different lubricant!
3. Live in the moment.
4. Lower your expectations.
5. Dance regularly and listen to music more.
6. Masturbate masterfully and without guilt or inhibition.
7. Wish strangers a good day.
8. Hug your friends and family more often.
9. Don’t wear sox when you have sex.
10. Give sensuous massages to your partner.
11. Talk with your partner about what ways you can better please each other.

Just pick one or more of the above resolutions to improve your day and year! Your good mood will be contagious!

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