Tig Notaro: One Woman Baring Her Chest

By Joyce Lisbin / October 7, 2015 / Blog / No Comments

By Dr. Joyce Lisbin Boyish Girl Interrupted aired Saturday, August 22nd that featured popular comedienne Tig Notaro. Tig Notaro known for her dark, understated humor, famously started her comedy bit in California by saying “Hello, I have cancer”.  I watched it and laughed a lot. What was it about seeing a woman bare her breast-less […]

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What’s Up with the Ashley Madison Scandal?

By Paul Froehlich / September 29, 2015 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

By now you must have heard about the Ashley Madison scandal. It has all the makings of a great story – sex, intrigue, infidelity, high-tech hacking, and the inevitable revelations of the names involved. It also presents lots of questions about how we understand marriage, honesty, intimacy and relationships. Of course, not every married adult […]

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An Odd Couple: Strong Gums and A Healthy Erection

By Joyce Lisbin / September 21, 2015 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

If you are concerned about erectile dysfunction: brush your teeth and go to the dentist!! That might sound like crazy advice but it is really very practical. My well-informed dental hygienist, Brittney Mitchell, has shared research showing that there is a relationship between periodontal disease and erectile dysfunction (E.D.). Periodontal disease is unhealthy gums. Sensitivity, […]

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A Hands On Approach to Eastern Sexual Health Practices

By Paul Froehlich / September 14, 2015 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

Sex has provided humans with great pleasure, beauty and mystery for thousands of years, being a unifying thread through many cultures and historical periods. Sometimes sex seemed to play a silent role in cultures with a high profile in our history books. In many societies, however, people have tried to understand the value of sex […]

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A Transgender Profile in Courage – Phyllis Frye

By Paul Froehlich / September 7, 2015 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

Every day it seems we are introduced to news about transgender people’s lives and personal journeys. For many of us, it seems that the public phenomenon of transgender lives is new. And truthfully, until recently there really hasn’t been much news or reporting on transgender issues. Even the term “transgender” seems to be of recent […]

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Decision-Making and Sexual Relationships: With a little help from Tarot Cards

By Joyce Lisbin / September 1, 2015 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

Tarot cards can have an interesting influence on our perceptions of sex and relationships. Tarot cards might not be able to predict the future or answer those burning ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions like: should I take that new job? Or break up with Pat? Instead Tarot readings are a unique way to get some insight […]

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SmartSex – Gearing Up For School

By Paul Froehlich / August 25, 2015 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

Now that we’re beginning to leave the dog days of August it’s time to think ahead. And for many that’s school for their children, or, college/trade school for young adults. Given this summer’s heat in the United States and Europe, it seems like the entire summer consisted of “dog days.” Hot, hot, hot! So, with […]

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Playing Hard to Get: the Operative Word is “Playing”

By Joyce Lisbin / August 18, 2015 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

The concept of playing ‘hard to get’ seems so ‘yesterday’ but some people still invest in this strategy because they think it works. Evidently there is some truth to it’s effectiveness if/when the other person is already interested. ‘Playing’ hard to get is often seen as a challenge and increases desire but negatively affects likeability. […]

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Is Japan Headed for a Sexless Future?

By Paul Froehlich / August 10, 2015 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

In my quest to learn ever more about sex the world over, I’ve read about many different cultural customs, sexual mores, and behaviors. And, over the years I’ve read about certain countries having lower birth rates than most other countries. But I was quite surprised to discover that Japan is experiencing not only a dramatic […]

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Cell Phones Impact Romantic Relationships When Together – Or Apart.

By Joyce Lisbin / August 3, 2015 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

We’ve all experienced a conversation being interrupted by a cellphone. That’s the new social norm. But, what matters is acknowledging the inevitable emotional fall out – and the consequences. You are affected by this interruption and so is whomever you are with. The more that you care about the person (or they care about you), […]

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