Barbie’s Body Gets Variety – Just Like Real Life. But, we expected more.

By Paul Froehlich / February 29, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

I’m a guy, so Barbie wasn’t big on my radar as a kid. But, all the girls I knew had one – usually two or three Barbies with all the clothing options. And did they ever love playing with that doll – and dolling her up. But, over time, we all became aware of the […]

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Contemplating the NAVEL

By Joyce Lisbin / February 15, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

Did Adam and Eve have a navel? This pressing question has haunted philosophers, theologians and artists for centuries. The navel is the source of myths and mysteries. This central anatomical feature has links to many cultural spiritual, sexual narratives around the world. Here is one culinary fact to begin the process of pondering the navel. […]

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A SmartSex Valentine’s Day

By Paul Froehlich / February 8, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

Valentine’s Day has quite a history. It’s a holiday originally associated with Roman and Christian myth, was transformed in the Middle Ages and, today, has become a marketing juggernaut around a simple romantic celebration. Valentine’s Day started as a Roman holiday named Lupercalia, a fertility rite by priests that later was rumored to include Roman […]

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Papyrus Paper II: Ancient Egyptian Sex Practices

By Joyce Lisbin / February 2, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

We’ve been exploring the world of sexual beliefs in this blog, revealing the sophisticated belief systems of other cultures and other times. A few weeks ago, this blog explored Ancient Egyptian approaches to contraception and impotence. Now, we report on fascinating Egyptians sex techniques that they claimed provided various health benefits that may lead to […]

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Playboy – The Good, The Bad and the “Beautiful“

By Paul Froehlich / January 25, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

Playboy magazine. From my earliest memories, there was always clandestine mentions of Playboy magazine. Sometimes my friends whispered its name because it was forbidden by parents and frowned upon by many adults in our lives. It was a secret source of real female nudes and guidance on how to be a player with women and […]

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Impotence, Contraception & Ancient Egypt

By Joyce Lisbin / January 18, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

The ancient Egyptians were not prudes and seemed to have no guilt about sex. In fact, sex was a very important part of their lives. Archaeologists have identified many ways that the creators of papyrus and the builder of pyramids, valued active sex lives. This is a brief look at a few of the sexual […]

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Tantric Sex Techniques Revisited

By Paul Froehlich / January 11, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

Months ago I wrote about Tantric theories of sex. A lot of other stories and sexual news crossed my desk since then. I recently discovered a book that brought me back to Tantra – at least in a contemporary interpretation (that just doesn’t sound right to me). Tantra concerns a series of ancient Hindu books […]

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Intimate Resolutions for 2016

By Joyce Lisbin / January 4, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

A New Year’s resolution is a promise that you make to yourself. It is usually a commitment to improve your behavior—one of the few things that one can control or at best influence. Have you managed to still stick with your New Years resolution? It’s been about one week! Congratulations!! If not, don’t abandon your […]

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2015 and Sex– A Year To Remember

By Paul Froehlich / December 28, 2015 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

Sometimes it’s nice to look back and be reminded of what mattered most in the year we are leaving. Many of us have busy lives filled with the everyday distractions that cloud our perspective on the bigger picture. And so, as the New Year approaches, I wanted to take a quick look back at 2015. […]

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The Sexual Threesome

By Paul Froehlich / December 21, 2015 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

In our sexually liberated times we are exposed to a wide array of sexual information, imagery, stories and relationships that would have been censored or kept quiet in the past. These days, we think we’re very sophisticated when it comes to sex but I think most people still find the concept of a threesome relationship […]

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