Morning sex. What a start to the day!

By Paul Froehlich / May 9, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

At the SmartSex app, we explore the many pleasures of sex – and one that is not discussed – or enjoyed enough – is sex in the morning. That’s right. Morning sex has so many advantages. It’s healthy, energizing, and sets you up for a very positive day. In fact, I’d say that sex in […]

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Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Reopening – A Day of Hope and Transformation

By Joyce Lisbin / May 3, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

Planned Parenthood Westside Health Center officially reopened on Sunday, May1, in Colorado Springs. We gathered on a cold, snowy day in a tent with guards at the door to protect us from potential violence. On the front wall, we faced a banner stating: “WE DEPLORE YOUR VIOLENCE. WE REJECT YOUR THREATS. WE AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE.” […]

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Ostera, Paganism and Sex – Prepare to Be Surprised

By Paul Froehlich / April 25, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

In this SmartSex blog, we’ve talked about many different perspectives about sex. It is a a big world with different cultures and different people, many having unique views on sex – whether about sexual behavior, relationships, acceptable behavior, LGBT rights, and many other things. So, it just happened that with Spring upon us, a friend […]

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The Bath – Prelude to Sensuous Experiences

By Joyce Lisbin / April 18, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

It’s evening. You’re both looking forward to enjoying each other. You’ve earned the sensuous time together after a long and busy day. And now, a hot bath to relax, be soothed, clean off the day’s dust, and emerge fresh and open to each other. Sound good? Sound familiar? Bathing and general cleaning one’s body can […]

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Super Contrast! Reproductive Rights Issues in the Primary Campaign

By Paul Froehlich / April 10, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

If you’re like me, you’ve been captivated this year by the primary season’s bizarre up and downs in the Republican race. But underneath all the dazzle and blather, there lurks some serious issues related to sex. There was a time when the Republican and Democratic candidates were much closer in their views on reproductive rights. […]

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Tina Fey and Amy Schumer – Leaders among a Stellar Group of Female Comedians Getting Bold about Sex

By Joyce Lisbin / April 4, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

Female standup comedians are definitely a new and unnerving breed. They represent a whole new way for women to claim sex and sexuality. The idea of women openly talking about the pleasures and messiness of sex is relatively new. When you Google female standup comedians and sex Amy Schumer’s name pops up. If you dig […]

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Sex and Politics: Trump and Cruz – The Race Heats Up

By Paul Froehlich / March 28, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

One things for sure, sex is an important part of presidential primaries and elections. It is part of the texture of the campaigns. It is implicit in today’s key policy debates, and, of course, sex can be a personal dimension of the contest as well. Witness 2016’s race! It’s clear that Republicans are more conservative […]

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Men, Women: It’s OK to Say Yes or No to Sex

By Joyce Lisbin / March 21, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

Being accommodating is a nice trait. On occasions, most of us have extended ourselves to please a friend or a lover by going to the movies or for a walk when we weren’t really in the mood. This is a common gesture of connection and consideration. On more than one occasion, that decision probably resulted […]

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Emma Watson Cites OMGYES.com – A New Kind of Sex Website

By Paul Froehlich / March 14, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

Emma Watson Cites OMGYES.com – A New Kind of Sex Website As you know, the SmartSex app explores the world of sex in all its variety. In addition to all the information and playful features of SmartSex, we aim to keep you informed on any news that might be of interest to our users. Recently, […]

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Our WHOLE Lives. (Yes, this is about sex.)

By Paul Froehlich / March 8, 2016 / Blog, Latest News / No Comments

It’s what we want for our children, right? To be whole. Wholly themselves. Whole in mind, body, spirit. Really, we want nothing to come between them and their highest, truest potential. To be able to bring their whole self, whole life, whole basket of unique gifts to the world…unfettered. Free. Alive. Vibrant. Healthy. Did you […]

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